Our Customers

We have customers using our RON Crane Scales & Dynamometers for many different applications.

Our 1st system was sold to a Manatee Rescue program in FL.  Once the manatees are rescued and brought back to health, they need to know how close they are to a ton before they can be released back into the ocean.  You can’t get a 2,000 lbs. manatee to swim on to a scale!  A sling was developed for the manatees to swim into and with a load cell on each corner, the sling was raised and the weight shown on the hand held display.

Steel mills such as Arcelor Metal, Bath Iron Works, General Dynamics are all using our crane scales & dynamometers for various applications such as weighing steel plates for ships that are used by Lockheed Martin in building our ships and tanks that are in use across the world.

Automotive companies such as Saturn, Toyota, Honda and Ford Motor company rely on RON Crane Scales and dynamometers for many various projects within their companies.

Energy company’s such as Southern Power, Duke Energy, Areva NP, Consolidated Edision, Exelon Power Systems, Amergen Energy, Entergy Operations and Arizona Public Works are just a few of our customers using RON Crane Scales & Dynamometers.

Company’s who rely on ensuring the safety of riders on Zip Lines or cable cars such as Dopplemayer, Black Mountain Ski Resort and many others don’t’ think twice about purchasing the best crane scales & dynamometers, the RON Crane Scales.  Terra Nova, UT has purchased numerous systems for use on their zip lines across the USA and in Europe to ensure the riders safety in having enough tension on the lines! Rocky Mountain Rescue Group uses our systems in their rescue operations to ensure the loads they are pulling when performing rescues are not exceeding their rigging gear.  C.H.I.P.’s in CA uses our systems for pulling cars out of the ocean to ensure they are not snagged or hung up on anything that can’t be seen.

RCSS USA is also registered with the CCR (Central Contractor Registration) and we are an approved vendor for all government facilities.  We have our crane scales and dynamometers in use on many of the US Coast Guard ships throughout the USA.  Just a few of our government facilities using our crane scales & dynamometers are US Naval Foundry & Propeller Facility, US Marimar, US Army, Navy and US Corps of Engineers, US Naval-Port Hueneme, CA, US Boarder Patrol, CA, NOAA, NASA, Cape Canaveral, Edwards AFB, Tinker AFB National Geological Society, , USACE Dam sites, Pearl Harbor Shipyard, USMC across the USA and Japan & Iraq as well as National Guard facilities across the country.

Distinguished company’s such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, BobCat, John Deere, National Oilwell, Mitsubishi, Bronco Oilfield Services, Helmerich & Payne, Rolls Royce Naval Marine, Santee Cooper, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, SGL Carbon, Tennessee Valley Authority, Tyco Telecommunications, Gichner Shelter Systems, Hagemeyer North America just to name a few.

If these company’s trust the safety of their workers and equipment with us, shouldn’t you?  Safety is our number one concern.  Keeping workers and equipment safe is our only goal at RCSS USA.