Glossary of Terms

A machine or device for lifting heavy weights.Crane Scale
A scale used for weighing during lifting. Measures the mass carried by a crane.

Crane Scale with Wireless Indicator
A crane scale which includes a wireless remote indicator that provides an indication of the weight being lifted.

Digital Crane Scale
A crane scale with an indicator that displays the results in digits.

A portable, force measuring device.

Hanging Scale

A scale that senses a hanging mass. For example: a crane scale.

A curved mechanical device for suspending, holding or pulling a physical object.

An electronic device for displaying results.

Load cell
A force transducer that measures forces, weight or torques. Available in various capacities.

A load that exceeds the design capacity.

Overload Detector
A device that detects a load that exceeds the design capacity.

A “U” shaped connector with a bolt or pin across the open end. Shackles are usually made of steel. Shackles are very widely used in rigging and lifting.

A measuring instrument for weighing the mass of a physical object.

Describes systems that use the radio-frequency spectrum or microwave network to transmit data signals though the air without a physical connection such as a wire or cable.

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