Which type of RON Crane Scale or Dynamometer can be used for barge pulling?
RON Crane Scales & Dynamometers have several models available for use when you need to measure the amount of force on barge pulls.  The only RON Crane Scale & Dynamometer that is NOT recommended is the Wireless RON 2501 crane scale or dynamometer.  Since the Wireless RON 2501 systems operate on radio frequencies and can not be provided with IP67 special sealed offshore water connectors to prevent water from getting into the electronics of the wireless load cells we highly recommend using one of the other RON crane scales or dynamometers that are a “wired” type system. RON 2000, RON 2125 or RON 2150 crane scales & dynamometers are highly recommended for this type of application.  Each one of these RON crane scales & dynamometers are a “wired” type of system (having an extension cable between the load cell & the hand held display).  All of these RON crane scales & dynamometer models can be supplied with optional IP67 special offshore sealed connectors that screw into the load cell and hand held displays (vs. the standard plug in type). RON 2000, RON 2125 or RON 2150 crane scales & dynamometers can also be supplied with the option of IP68 which is a special water proofing for the RON load cells.  This protects the RON load cells from all types of water, fresh water or salt water incase they accidentally come in contact with the water during the barge pull testing.  The IP68 protective waterproof sealing will allow the RON load cell to come into contact with water, up to 1-2 feet for a few minutes at a time without any damage to the RON load cell.  This is not meant for underwater operations or where the load cell will be left in the water for long periods of time or dragged thru water.
RON 2000S
RON 2000H
RON 2125S
RON 2125H
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