Which type of crane scale or dynamometer is best to use in foundries or high temperature environments?

RON Wireless 2501 Shackle or Hook type systems were specifically designed for foundry’s or high temperature environments.  With environments that have high temperatures, it was difficult to have a precision crane scale or dynamometer attached to the ladle and “wired” to a display elsewhere to measure the product in the ladle.  In those high temperatures, the cables would melt.Eilon Engineering developed the wireless RON 2501 crane scale & dynamometer in the early 2000’s to overcome this issue.  High temperature industry crane scale applications require special features for the scales to function in high temperature environments.Ladles containing molten metal or steel can reach temperatures exceeding 1,800 degrees and there is a great deal of direct heat radiation, making it almost impossible for a extension cable to the remote display to survive these temperatures.  In the past, large displays were integrated onto the load cells, which was not convenient because at critical times, reading of the display was difficult due to the smoke & heat rising off of the ladle, obscuring the view of the display indicating what the weight is.

Wireless RON 2501 shackle or hook crane scales & dynamometers provide the ideal solution for weighing ladles in foundry or high temperature environments.

The Wireless RON 2501 crane scale or dynamometer has an option of an internal thermometer.  This would transmit a signal from the load cell to the wireless hand held digital display, indicating to the user that the load cell is reaching it’s maximum temperature (175F) and needs to be pulled away for a cool down period.

Another option for the Wireless RON 2501 crane scales & dynamometers are heat shields.  The ambient temperature of a ladle can exceed 1,800 degrees.  In order to delay the increase in the interior of the load cell temperature to prevent it going over the 175F degrees limit, a special fiber heat shield and metal disk is provided.  The fiber heat shield surrounds the electronics on the load cell housing where the electronic boards including the RF transmitters are located.  The heat shields only delays the temperature increases, it does not prevent it.  The Wireless RON 2501 crane scale & dynamometer heat shield also includes a metal disk that fits in between the load cells electronics and above the shackle or hook of the load cell, allowing the heat to be deflected away from the electronics.

If the Wireless RON 2501 crane scale or dynamometer is used in an ambient temperature of 195F degrees for a long enough period of time, the interna temperature would rise above the systems temperature limit of 175F degrees.

The Wireless RON 2501 crane scales & dynamometers will function in a much higher temperature provided that it is only exposed for short periods of time, short enough not to reach the interior temperature limit, followed by a cool down period.  The temperature of the load cell will decrease slowly because of the insulating jacket.  It is recommended that the load cell be placed in a well ventilated location (opposite a fan) which will speed up the cool down time.

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