What is the difference between a RON 2125 or RON 2150 model?

Both of the RON 2125 & RON 2150 models are available in either a hook or shackle type load cell with many options to meet your specific application.  The main difference between the two is the size of the display.  The RON 2125 has a 1” aluminum hand held (removable type up to 12.5 tons) 5 digit LCD display.  The RON 2150 model has a large 2” aluminum 5 digit LCD display.  The RON 2150 is a removable type system, which allows the user to leave the display attached to the load cell with a bracket and short 6” cable or remove it and hold it in their hands with an extension cable
RON 2125S
RON 2150S
RON 2125H
RON 2150H