Stage & Theater Applications

Going to a play, the opera, a musical?  Want to be sure you haven’t overloaded those overhead beams or trusses?  Does the word insurance mean anything?  Keep your performers and your audience safe with the RON STAGE MASTER.  RON Stage Master has won the 2007 LDI award for the best new product.  With the Stage Master, you insure your equipment is not going to fall when you can view up to 32 wireless load cells transmitting the data to a central controller receiver that is hooked up to your laptop!  The software allows you to monitor all of the load cells at once, place them into groups, set tare or gross max weights and many other features to ensure when balancing your stage & rigging equipment you are not creating an overloaded situation.

In theaters all across the world, sound and lighting equipment is hung above the performers and audiences.  In many cases there is little or no control over the lifted or suspended loads.  If the equipment’s weight exceeds the SWL a dangerous and harmful situation could occur.  Several reasons for this is lack of coordination between various staff responsible for hanging the equipment, side loading, unequal distribution of the load when several lifting points are used to lift a single point.  Even if the total load does not exceed the total SWL of all of the lifting points together, some of the lifting points may be carrying more of the load while others carry less of it.  Attempting to lift equipment that is anchored or additions of equipment at a later time (after the load was calculated and approved) due to the need to add more equipment can cause accidents.  The RON STAGE MASTER system will ensure you know that all of your equipment is balanced and that each section is not overloaded or underloaded.

With the option of having an alarm activated when the weight of the rigging and lifting equipment is overloaded, increases safety during rigging and eliminates the possibility of a dangerous overload situation.  RON STAGE MASTER systems offer a wide variety of solutions for stage overload prevention and ensuring stage safety.
The RON STAGE MASTER system is available in either a 5:1 or 10:1 safety factors and in ½ ton to 10 ton load cells, transmitting the data wirelessly from the load cells to the central controller receiver.

Recent customers using the RON STAGE MASTER system include the Tel Aviv Hilton Hotel, 2008 Grammy Awards, Cirque de Sole and Seattle Opera.