Military Applications

Our RON Crane Scales & Dynamometers are used in many military facilities.  Many are using our Wireless RON 2501 Shackle or Hook type systems in areas where having wired type crane scales would be difficult or hazardous.  For simpler applications, our RON 2000 Crane Scales & Dynamometers are used for force & load control, including drag force measurement like bollard pull test, drag force measurements for US Coast Guards of rescue vehicles or barges.

RON Crane Scales & Dynamometers are especially suitable for traction control and force measuring because of the unique features.  RON Crane Scales & Dynamometers feature a load cell in either a shackle or hook type and a separate display, either wireless or wired.  This allows the driver of a vehicle, tug boat or tractor, or during barge pulls, to safely read and monitor the load away from the crane scale or dynamometer.

As you can see, the RON 2501 scales are the most used.  It’s because RON has the best scale for all these and so many more applications.  It is the smallest scale around.  When size is important, it does the biggest jobs.  Safety above all is most important in serving our customers.  The RON Crane Scales & Dynamometers are available in either the hook (1/2 ton to 32tons) or shackle type (1/2 ton to 300 tons) and are capable of measuring the smallest to the largest loads.

Other unique scale request have come to us in 10 plus years of selling scales & dynamometers and we usually can fill them.  Many military facilities have been using our RON Crane Scales & Dynamometers for many years.  Being the smallest crane scales & dynamometers in the world, these are easily transported anywhere in the world.  You don’t need a huge shipping container, our crane scales & dynamometers with their convenient Pelican cases (available in shackle type only) can be carried on board any flight anywhere in the world!

NASA AEROSPACE TESTING FACLITIES-Our RON crane scales & dynamometers are used in the critical task of lifting the space shuttles onto the launch pads.  When every step is critical in setting up the space shuttles on the launching pads, even NASA relies on our RON crane scales & dynamometers to ensure that the shuttles are properly positioned.

AIRPLANE TESTING-Many of the parts that go into building airplanes rely on our RON crane scales & dynamometers in testing the strength from everything from the seats to the airplane wings.