Foundries Applications

The RON 2501 series was specifically developed for high temperature environments where cables will not withstand the heat. Here you are going to need heat shields.  RON has the model for you.  In high temperature environments, where forging & casting is taking place, the need for radio telemetry crane scales is a necessity.  During casting processes, specific quantities of additives are poured into the molten material.  Using theRON 2501 wireless systems for weighing the foundry ladels enables the addition of exact percentages of additives and prevents potential waste or damage caused by excess molten material being added.  The RON 2501 crane scale or dynamometer will reduce your costs and increase your efficiency and ensure safety by preventing dangerous overload situations.

The RON 2501 crane scales & dynamometers have several unique features.  The RON 2501 crane scale & dynamometer is programmed to ensure that the received value on the display is identical to the transmitted value from the load cell or crane scale.  This is an important feature since due to environmental interferences, could cause the values on other types of crane scales to be erroneous.  If the values are not identical, due to an environmental interference, you will know immediately as the display will show “Transmission Error” so the process can be stopped immediately.  Under no circumstances will the hand held wireless display indicate a different value then the transmitted one from the load cell.  This is an extremely important safety feature for foundry load cells and crane scales.  Wireless data transfer is crucial for foundry crane scales & dynamometers where the temperatures are very high and cables just would not survive the heat.
Another important protection developed for our RON 2501 crane scales & dynamometers are the heat shields for the load cells.  This enables the load cells to withstand temperatures up to 175F.  The heat shields have a protective heat resistant cover around the electronics of the load cell as well as a metal disk between the shackle or hook being attached to the foundry ladle.

One last feature for the RON 2501 crane scales and dynamometers is the internal temperature reading option.  When the load cell temperature is nearing or at the 175F degree mark, it will transmit a signal to the display warning the user that the load cell should be pulled away from the heat for a cool down period.

Of course there are many other options that are available on our RON 2501 wireless crane scales and dynamometers such as data loggers, totalizer, RS-232, RS-485 or USB connection for downloading the information to a computer/printer, additional 1”, 2” LCD displays as well as 4” LED indoor or outdoor displays, power from your mains or rechargeable AA batteries and convenient carrying case for our shackle type dynamometers.