Cranes Applications

New cranes manufactured today have many different types of measurement devices.  Older cranes do not.  RON Crane Scales & Dynamometers ensure that the crane operators can always know what the load being lifted is.  Even when the weight of a load is know, dangerous overloads can still occur.  For example when additional equipment has been added to a known load this additional weight might not have been recorded, making this a dangerous situation.  Overloading your crane is dangerous and we have the crane scale or dynamometer that can ensure your operators prevent an overload situation.

Side loading, lack of coordination between various staff responsible for lifting, unequal distribution of the load when several lifting points are used to lift a single construction, even if the total load does not exceed the SWL (safe working load) of all the lifting points together or some of the lifting points may carry less load while others are overloaded.  Using the RON Crane Scales or Dynamometers will ensure you know exactly what you are lifting at any time.

Crane overload control and prevention can be achieved by using our RON Crane Scales & Dynamometers.  We can also equip some of our RON Crane Scales & Dynamometers with an overload warning or alarm whenever the maximum load set is reached.  Crane Scales & Dynamometers that display the measured value and can trigger an overload warning whenever there is an overload situation is critical to ensuring the safety of everyone around a crane.  Wireless overload prevention is possible with our RON 2501 Wireless Crane Scales or Tension Dynamometers.

RON Crane Scales (hook type load cells) are available in capacities from ½ ton to 32 tons.  RON Dynamometers (shackle type load cells) are available in capacities from ½ ton up to 300 tons.