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RCSS USA (formerly RON Crane Scale Sales-USA) is here for you 24/7.  Sure we have to sleep so we have to have an answering machine but it’s a simple thing.  No buttons to push just leave your name and number and a live person will get back to you in less than 24 hours.  99% of the time though you will get the president, Lou Ziolkowski.  Lou started RON Crane Scale Sales-USA in 2003 after the distributor which previously sold the RON crane scales and dynamometers closed its doors..  In 2007 we simplified our name to RCSS-USA.

Our company’s commitment to our customers and offering the lowest prices available anywhere has led to our success. Every crane scale & dynamometer is custom built to our customer specifications. Normal delivery time is 3-5 days from the time an order is placed and we have some models that are available to ship within 48 hours of placing an order!

We also have our own manufacturer trained/authorized service center located in MI where we can perform repairs and offer calibration services for the systems after the sale. Some of our customers have been using our systems for over 10 years and wouldn’t buy anything else.

The quality of the product, the many options available, the unique design of the load cells, 2,000 hour battery life and the size of these scales & dynamometers make them best on the market.

Our crane scales and dynamometers are the smallest in the world. Imagine being able to carry a 50 ton load cell in a carrying case that only weighs 30 lbs.! Other cranes scales would weigh 100’s of pounds and take 2 men & a truck to get it on to the crane. Our systems have a unique design in that the holes on either side of the load cell bridge are perpendicular to each other, reducing external moments and ensuring safety by not allowing the load cells to twist or break. Each system is proof load tested to 200% of it’s capacity up to 200 tons giving the crane scales & dynamometers a safety factor of 5:1. By having a sleep mode on the systems allows the disposable AA batteries to have a working life of 2,000 hours, several months of continuous working time. With 11 different models and capacities in the shackle type from ½ ton to 300 tons, hook types in ½ ton to 32 tons and crane scales with a 1” or 2” displays from ½ ton to 10 tons, we have a crane scale, dynamometer or load cell to fit everyone’s needs. All of the systems are built with high quality aerospace steel and robust aluminum displays. Our engineering team is always improving our crane scales & dynamometers and mostly based on our customers recommendations or needs as they come up.

RON Crane Scales & Dynamometers offer a wireless system that has been especially made for foundry and high temperature applications, where heat would melt cables and damage normal crane scales. By customizing our systems to fit our customer’s needs, allows the customer to get as many or as little options that they need for their application. In high temperature environments, we offer wireless shackle & hook load cells with heat shields and internal thermometers that display the temperature on the display so the user knows when it’s time to pull the scale from the heat for a cool down period. Our scales can withstand temperatures up to 175 degrees! With the options of having a robust 1” or 2” aluminum display, the user can read the scale from approximately 300’ and all data is transmitted in real time! Our RON 2501 Wireless Crane Scales & Dynamometers are our biggest sellers accounting for 75% of our total sales per year.

We also offer removable displays, where a large 2” aluminum display can either be left attached to the load cell or removed and held in the users hand, ensuring the user a safe distance from the loads.

Our models have a wide range of uses such as foundry’s or high temperature environments, guy wire testing, Naval ship building, military, steel mills, installing & maintaining wind turbines, bollard pull test on barges, offshore oil rigs, aerospace testing, airplane testing, zip lines, cable cars, monorails, weighing animals, tow trucks, NASA space shuttle set-ups, energy companies, automotive industries, USCG, custom built testing facilities and theater applications.

We feature options such as IP67 & IP68 offshore special sealed cables and load cells to prevent moisture from getting into the systems, RS-232 or USB connections for downloading information to computers or printers, selectable baud rates, selectable units to allow the user to change from reading in lbs. or tons, fatigue rated load cells, rechargeable batteries, 1”, 2” LCD or 4” LED displays for use indoors or outdoor use and convenient carrying cases for the shackle type models. We also sell Crosby shackles designed to fit all of our dynamometers.

We do not list our prices on our web site due to each system being a custom built crane scale or dynamometer for our customers. We want to talk to each and every one of our customers and get a feel for exactly what their application is and with our knowledge of the systems and options available, this insure that they get exactly the crane scale or dynamometer that will fit their needs. We welcome the opportunity to design a crane scale or dynamometer for your challenge. If we can’t fit your needs, we’ll tell you. We’re not out to sell you something you can’t use or doesn’t fit your application. That’s how we do business!

Thank you for buying in the USA

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